At OSO creative we value the continuous circle of design, from what exists naturally to our interpretation and expression of these visuals. We respect the origin. We thrive with challenge. We celebrate the  process,  and seek to produce something that has meaning and place. 

We take our values and apply it to the work we do for you. From freelance design, photography, writing, marketing and PR,  we are not just a one trick...bear. 

The OSO Crew

OSO creative - The bear, OSO, as a totem represents introspection, intuition, thoughtfulness and natural strength. These attributes associated with the bear symbolism are how we define ourselves and the work we do at OSO. It is said that people with the bear spirit animal are strong, natural leaders, generous, stable, intuitive and creative dreamers...thats why we've adopted the title OSO. It's not just our love for salmon. 

Sarah Zoey Sturm // Owner Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM , I now reside in the Southwest corner of Colorado. I didn't venture too far from my home base because the color, culture and magic of the Southwest is what has made me the artist that I am.  I have a degree in Graphic Design and Communications and over 10 years of experience as a designer, creative thinker and marketer. In addition to my creative work, is my love of the bicycle. More and more my love for exploration has overlapped with my work, through creative direction, photography, writing, design and art I look towards expanding these connections and deepening my body of work.

Henry Nadell //  Jr. Designer We are lucky to have Henry (sometimes Hank) as a part of our creative team at OSO. He brings the same energy to his design as he does in racing bikes. This young and talented designer has more crazy ideas in him than we can keep track of! He can draw a bug-eyed alien creature but can also help create a professional brand. Multitalented is an understatement for this one and we're stoked to have him with OSO!

Candra Jordan // Creative Project Manager Candra resides in Santa Cruz, CA and is a professional longboard surfer on the world tour. Her experience in design, project, general and retail management runs as deep as her passion for the water. Candra is currently in school perusing a bachelor’s degree in sustainable interior design in addition to managing our client communication and creative project management. We're happy to have this wave loving creative and value her "outside" perspective on our projects, we love water just as much as mountains!

Carson Jones-Wilkins // Business Intern  Carson is our numbers guy, but don't think he doesn't breathe creativity into OSO, hidden behind those spreadsheets and equations is a personable and creative thinker. Carson is the only sort of business major we could ever work with!


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