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WHERE THE HELL WE'VE BEEN - graphic design company growing (not so) pains

Oh hi, so you may have been clicking through our website, or thumbing through Instagram, or maybe you heard of us from a friend of a friend's dog. We don't care how you've arrived, but now you're here and we couldn't be happier.

We feel like it's always nice to know a bit more about the humans behind the screen, in a day and age where people can hide behind avatars and screen names, troll comments and scam we want to be up front...we are robots, highly advanced machines that can read your mind and make pretty art. JK. At least on the robot and mind reading parts.

Oso Creative started as just the brain child of Sarah, back when she started working for a local dog treat company as a junior designer. Her career path brought her skills as a designer, project manager and creative director grew and the "side bizz" of making art and designs never stopped. Over the past decade those scrappy little designs have grown into a wildly successful, massive corporate business. JK. Again. Though we have grown, but it's been slow and organic. Just the way we like it! Because along the way Sarah signed a pro contract as a bike racer. Pause for some photos:

And then a lot of things changed, in a wonderful way. New experiences brought new perspectives, new goals and honestly a lot of fun. Oso was named Oso (we love what the bear represents as a totem but also it's an ode to the Southwest and the special place we call home as well as a spin off of a childhood nick name). So Oso grew with the on-boarding of an intern who "upgraded" as he likes to say, into a full time employee. He brought with him a slew of creative designs, an eagerness to learn and a passion (also) for bikes and the outdoors.

So basically all of that to say, we've been growing and learning and racing and working. We are brining on clients who we align with as people and as a brand ourselves. We are also working on some really exciting projects straight from the wild and wacky brains of the Oso Crew! We are stoked. And that's our story. So far....

And here is a fun GIF we made:

~The Oso Crew

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